"A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet". Orson Welles

Transfer / 2010 / Director: Damir Lukacevic / Production: Schiwago Film GmbH / Channel: ARTE/ZDF / Format: 4K Red One                                                                    

In a futuristic society where the wealthy get to live forever by swapping bodies with refugees, an elderly couple explores this opportunity with harsh consequences.

The daughter  /2016  /Director: Luis Sampieri /Production: MR Films Argentina /Format: 4K

The Amado's decide to spend a weekend at the family's country home, but the plan is disrupted when Dominga, the Amado's cleaning woman, gives birth to a baby in the middle of a family gathering.

Lovechild  /2005 /Director: Jeanette Wagner /Production: Beaglefilms Filmproduktions GmbH /Channel: ZDF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel) /Format: 35mm., color, 1:1,88

A 17 year old Girl reunites with her father, years after he left the family. Five years after the father suddenly left his family and broke off the contact, the 17-year-old Alma sees her father Fred at a subway station in Berlin. She finds his job, makes contact with him, and starts to spend time with him. Soon the feelings of both go beyond a father-daughter relationship. They begin to feel erotically attracted to each other.

Lost Horizon  /2000 /Director: Luis Sampieri /Production: Cactus /Format: 35mm. color, 1:1,66

The Magician Tulan crosses the arid roads of the desert accompanied by his wife Marta. Along the way are Jenifer, who travels to Chile for a sex change operation, the dwarf Tachuelita, two twin nuns and the beautiful young Martita. While in each of them there are individual goals, at certain moments they form a group where, in their relations, radical decisions, misunderstandings and renunciations intersect. In this vast world, where loneliness and helplessness prevail, each one seeks a horizon. Some find it, others do not.

Arie /Shortfilm /Director: Gianluca Vallero /Production: Finimondo  Productions /Channel: RAI 1 /Format: 35mm., color, 1:1,85

Vittorio, is a professional dancer who falls in love with Marco, the choreographer he is working with, and who has left his girlfriend. Vittorio's feelings are not reciprocated by Marco, who falls for another man. Vittorio ends up alone, but feels much stronger for having discovered a new self- image

Bandages /Shortfilm /Director: Juan Pancorbo /Production: Jaleo Films/dffb /Channel: Canal Sur /Format: 35mm., color, 1:1,85

In a small Andalusian town, shortly after the end of the second war. Diego, a 17 year old boy, is interrupted by Paquita, a neighbor, to warn him that the seamstress is mistreating his own daughter once more. Diego tries to free her but what is his surprise to see that this one orders him to leave. The arrival of the mother will unleash a tense ending.